Flextile 62 Quick Set  -  Grey

Flextile Dry Pack


A ready-to-use elastomeric waterproofing membrane for both commercial and residential tile and stone application. Suited for interior and exterior substrates, RedGard® creates a continuous waterproof membrane barrier with outstanding adhesion and reduces crack transmission in tile and stone floors.

Laticrete Quick Set -  Grey

Laticrete 4-XLT  -  White & Grey


Laticrete Self Leveler  -  Grey

Power Grout has a unique formulation that is stain proof* and provides strong, color consistent joints free of efflorescence, that are resistant to shrinking and cracking.

Power Grout provides excellent performance in environments such as high traffic and wet conditions, and in residential and commercial applications.

*Power Grout is stain proof to most common water based stains when cleaned immediately. The prolonged exposure of any stain will increase the likelihood of permanent staining or discoloration of grout surface.

Grout & Thinset

Laticrete Platinum  -  Grey

Flextile 52  -  Grey

Schluter All-Set  -  Grey & White

Flextile 61  -  Grey

Flex R20  -  Grey & White

TEC Power Grout:

Laticrete Tri-Lite  -  White & Grey

Laticrete Skim Coat -  Grey